Grit is defined by psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.” Her research suggests that a person’s grittiness has a bigger effect on their success than their talent, education, EQ and even IQ!

Here are 4 ways to increase sales productivity with grit:

Provide purpose to customers

Our team here at Centric Business Systems provides an important service to our customers by solving their issues related to document management. We listen and educate our customers on a wide variety of products which can help them to be more efficient and save a lot of money. We never lose sight of our primary objective, which is providing the highest customer experience possible.

Expect and accept failure

Everyone who works in a sales role knows that not every lead is going to work out. You cannot focus on one opportunity at a time; instead you need to have a full pipeline at all times. The key is to be resilient and taking a “No” as motivation to make the next opportunity a “Yes”.

Maintain a growth mindset

You shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes or falling short, because you know it won’t define you. That means you’re much more likely to take risks and push yourself. Grit is characterized by being willing to keep going when you fail, rather than giving up.

Encourage a collaborative environment

At Centric Business Systems we foster a supportive culture between all departments. A climate where everyone helps each other out is important to help gritty salespeople be successful.

One thing that’s true of gritty people is they love what they do and they keep loving what they do.