Project Description

Turn customer feedback into business insights

Dig beneath reviews, ratings, customer feedback, and survey scores to discover what’s working, what’s not, and where.

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Analyze insights from reviews, social media,
and surveys in one place

Bizinga Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, Athena, is an advanced insights software that lets
you find the root cause of the problem and spur decisive action from executives down to the frontlines.


From customer feedback to actionable insights

Bizinga NLP engine, Athena, humanizes big data so you can understand the sentiments expressed in feedback and improve operations at the location and corporate level.

product review services


Discover emerging positive and negative sentiment trends

Monitor sentiment levels from customer feedback to understand your strengths and weaknesses and discover trending topics in your market as a whole.


Measure performance by category

Easily group relevant keywords into custom categories to measure different areas of your business. Refine customer feedback insights even further with sub-categories.


Make data-driven improvements

View sentiment trends by topic, zoom in on specific keywords and adjectives, and put it all in context with verbatim snippets from review text.


Customize insights to fit your priorities

With Bizinga, merge related topics into clusters automatically to improve accuracy. Manually un-merge topics at any time.


Compare performance across locations

Measure review volume, ratings, and sentiment from customer feedback at a location level to identify your highest and lowest performers.


Refine and enhance your insights

Teach Athena what topics you value by changing topics and keywords to positive or negative, or adding new topics and keywords you want to track.

Start growing with Bizinga today

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