Project Description

Turn customer
comments into
support tickets

Convert reviews, social mentions and survey responses
into support tickets. Solve issues before they escalate.

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Take collaborative action on reviews, social
comments and survey responses

Customers in need of support often don’t reach out directly. With Bizinga ticketing software, you can
address issues proactively to improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, convert detractors and
decrease call center load.


Streamline issue management and resolution

Assign every ticket to a specific employee so there is no confusion about who should be working on which ticket. Filter tickets based on specific properties so the most important tickets are front and center.


Receive automatic alerts for ticket updates

Track ticket resolution every step of the way. Bizinga support ticket system notifies specific employees or locations via email or SMS when a new ticket is assigned and each time its status changes.


Auto-create tickets based on customer experience

Automatically create tickets based on custom criteria like review rating or keyword, and auto-assign these tickets to specific employees.


Create tickets while you chat

Automatically convert texts and Webchat messages into support tickets straight from inbox. Track these tickets alongside ticketed reviews and survey responses.


Reduce issue resolution time

Track response rate and resolution time, and monitor all open tickets by owner and status. Address customer issues fast and create visibility across your organization.


Collaborate internally with activity logs

View all comments and status changes for each ticket to keep everyone on the same page.


Choose how you view tickets

Use filters to create custom ticket views based on location, status, owner, and time period. Easily navigate and prioritize tickets across your organization.


Integrate with your existing customer support ticket system

Bizinga help desk software integrates seamlessly with other platforms such as Salesforce or Zendesk so you can manage all your support tickets from all channels in one place.

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