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The vast majority of customers read reviews before making any purchase decision. That’s why better online reputation equals higher conversion and more revenue. In this guide, we’ll outline some simple steps you can take to get more reviews, respond to negative feedback, and enable each one of your locations to drive growth with the help of your happiest customers.

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Let’s talk about how our all-in-one Experience Marketing platform helps you be found online and chosen through listings, reviews and referrals; be connected with leads and customers on the channels of their choice, and deliver the best customer experience with survey, ticketing and insights tools.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to get your happy customers to write more reviews and give more referrals
  • How to mitigate the damage negative reviews can cause to your brand reputation
  • How to turn increased web traffic into skyrocketing conversion rates

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A reputation checklist

In the old days (before 2007), corporations and brands had complete control over the conversation about their products and services. Think back to a time when TV advertising, billboards, and flyers reigned. Brands talked to customers, but there was no way for customers to talk back to the brands and share their own experiences.

The rise of the smartphone changed everything. Now, customers own the conversation. Your prospects aren’t paying attention to what your marketing team is saying — they’re paying attention to what other customers are saying about your business on sites like Google and Facebook. That means a great marketing campaign doesn’t drive results the way it used to. Instead, the experiences that customers share online can make or break your conversion rate…

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